About Vehicle Inspectors

Who are we?

Vehicle Inspectors is a newly founded company bringing you over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry from Florida to California. We offer vehicle inspections for buyers looking to purchase, both from private party and dealerships, in areas across the United States.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring confidence, knowledge, and peace-of-mind to all buyers and sellers of used cars and trucks. Don’t get ripped off or risk the safety of you and your family! Eliminate the potential of spending your hard-earned money on costly repairs you didn’t expect. When it comes to buying a used car or truck, let Vehicle Inspectors use their expertise and knowledge to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Vehicle Inspection Packages

We offer 3 packages to choose from – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – providing a comprehensive inspection report including images, test-drive, and OBTII scan. The report is delivered directly to you regardless of the vehicle’s location.

Bronze Vehicle Inspection
Silver Vehicle Inspection
Gold Vehicle Inspection
Specialty Vehicle Inspection

Why inspect a used vehicle BEFORE you buy?

Safety – Keep you and your family safe! Damage with the frame and other parts of a vehicle can go undetected to the inexperienced eye. Many cars and trucks are repaired to run and look good as new. Although a vehicle is functioning properly, the structural integrity of it may be compromised, decreasing the crash-absorption and protection in an accident.

Peace of Mind – Don’t be discouraged from buying a used car online. Purchasing a car or truck can bring worry and fear of the unknown. You’re hoping the seller has disclosed the nature of the vehicle in a true and complete manner. In fact, the term “certified” from a used car dealer may offer very little in terms of accuracy. Any legal responsibility or regulation of the label is non-existent. Getting a Vehicle History Report is one way to obtain information about a car; however, it should not be your only tool. This report only provides the information that has been reported to them. The actual current condition of the vehicle may not be listed. Having your vehicle physically inspected by a professional offers you peace of mind and provides confidence in your decision.

Save hard-earned money – We all appreciate the value of our dollars! You may have spent months, or years, saving to buy a new or pre-owned car. Wasting it on costly repairs AFTER your purchase is made can be unexpected and devastating to you financially. It’s important to become aware of the working functionality and true condition of a vehicle prior to completing your transaction and driving away.

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About Vehicle Inspectors

Get a prospective vehicle checked out by an automotive professional BEFORE you buy it!
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