Inspect Vehicle for Scratches, Damage, Dents, Cracks, Rust, etc..

Part of our vehicle inspection process is to check for the smallest dings, dents and scratches and rust spots. Small dings and dents may not hinder the decision to buy or not buy a vehicle, but it could add up to costly repairs. This information could be very helpful when negotiating the price of your new vehicle. Let us find all the little Scratches, Damage, Dents, Cracks and Rust. This will give you ALL the information you need before you purchase the car of your dreams.


  1. How many dents on a panel can be popped out?
  2. Is the rust perforated or surface?
  3. What does it mean if the paint is cracking?
  4. How deep can a scratch be and still be buffed out?

To the trained eye, hidden scratches and dents cannot be missed. There are some scratches and dents you can only see from specific angles and during specific lighting conditions. This part of the inspection will take about 5-7 minutes but in some cases may take longer depending on type, size and age of the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions regarding this part of the inspection please feel free and fill out the form below. Or watch our inspection video below.

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