Inspect Vehicle for Previous Body Repairs and Paintwork

Inspect Small Dings Dents and Scratches

Part of our vehicle inspection process is to evaluate the small dings, dents and scratches. We have attached a video and some pictures for you to understand what exactly we are looking for. This may not seem like very important information for some, but inspecting small dings and scratches just might tell us something about the car you are about to purchase.


  1. Has the car been painted over?
  2. Has the vehicle been in a fender bender?
  3. Has one or all quarter panels been replaced?
  4. Have the original doors been replaced?

To the trained eye, hidden scratches and dents can not be missed. To the layman they are easily missed and especially to most consumers may be missed entirely. This part of the inspection will take about 5-7 minutes but in some cases may take longer depending on type, size and age of your vehicle.

If you have any specific questions regarding this part of the inspection please feel free and fill out the form below. Or watch our inspection video below.

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